Tis the season for camping!

Campers are always looking for conventional, cost effective ways to make their trip and experience more care-free. With some of our great portable solar solutions you can embrace the energy and power of the sun, and what’s even better is that using a natural resource like the sun – it’s completely free!

Are you set to go? Do you have your energy needs sorted? If not, NQ Solar can help. They offer a wide range of portable solar panel kits, batteries, generators, LED lights and more to fit all your energy needs.

Solar folding camping kits range in size from 40 watts up to 170 watts. The quality folding solar kits are packaged in heavy-duty carry bags with a 10A solar controller and 10 meters of 4mm cable with battery clips. ET Solar panels are rated in the top 10 for electricity production.1

The solar controller is IP68, which means it is waterproof and designed for the extreme weather conditions experienced up here in North Queensland.

All connections are sealed eliminating the risk of damage from external influences such as corrosion, dust, water, bugs, chemicals and physical shock. 

Check out our portable solar solutions, or stop by your nearest store to view the range.

1. February 2013, PHOTON Magazine

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