SunPower has been delivering premium solar solutions for over 25 years. They are the world leader in developing high-efficiency solar solutions for homes. SunPower panels reputedly have the highest electricity yield per watt of any panel currently on the market.1

SunPower’s Maxeon Technology reduces the impact of shading from a tree, leaf or bird droppings. Due to the individual cell design, if a leaf drops on one solar cell, only that cell on the panel is affected and the rest of the panel will still produce electricity. Panels without this technology will shut down all neighboring cells on the panel and may even shut down the panel completely.

SunPower’s Maxeon solar cells are unique in that each cell is built on a solid copper foundation – providing the strength and durability needed to perform in our harsh North Queensland climate year after year.

For more on SunPower Maxeon Technology, contact NQ Solar, your local SunPower Partner. NQ Solar is a locally owned and operated solar installer. Give your nearest office a call to schedule a free, no obligation site visit or visit

1.Photon International Magazine, November 2012

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